The Illustrated Children’s Bible (Anglicised).


This is a truly comprehensive children’s Bible storybook that covers all of Scripture thoroughly in 608 pages. On every double page there is a simply told story, with realistic, kid-friendly colour illustrations (not cartoonish). There are 169 OT stories and 118 NT. Ages 4-10. “This is one of my all-time favourite Bible storybooks. J Emmerson-Hicks is well known for his editorial work on Matthew Henry’s Commentary and 200 other reference works in the areas of English language and Bible reference. His children’s Bible offers a very good sweep of God’s Word, with all the old favourites included. The striking cover and illustrations throughout this book are a highlight; each one not only illustrates the text, it contributes something new to the narrative. The Anglicised English text is easy to read, and with nearly 300 individual stories it offers a version of the “read the Bible in a year” genre for younger children to 9 year-olds.” – Bronwyn Bootes Billington, Koorong Children’s Buyer, August 2014.

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